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Microgaming Community Multiplayer Games

While a lot of players are happy to play their favorite slot or table game on their own, without any distractions from other players that you get when you play in a real casino, other like that comradery that comes with playing alongside like-minded people. Microgaming realized this, and they have now released a few community multiplayer games.

The purpose of this is to allow players to enjoy playing with their friends, or fellow online gamblers that want to be able to interact while they play. As well as having several players all playing the same game, there is also a chat box so all of the players can communicate with each other. This has proven to be a very popular addition to the Microgaming slot game range, and could well be an area that they expand in in the near future.

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Some examples of Microgaming community multiplayer games

Here are more details about the Microgaming community multiplayer games, and what you can expect from each of them. We also show where you can play these games too, so if you want to get started playing one of both of them you can right away.

Wheel of Wealth multiplayer special edition video slot

The Wheel of Wealth is the online equivalent to the vastly popular Wheel of Fortune slot game that is still found and played in casinos around the world. Casinos in Vegas would have big sections of these machines as they were so in-demand, and they are still have a massive following of players today.

As in many casinos, there was always many of these machines in the same area, they did start to build up a community feel, with regular players meeting up with new and old players alike. So the decision for Microgaming to create a community multiplayer version of the Wheel of Wealth game was a very logical one.

The Wheel of Wealth multi-player special edition slot was actually the world’s first ever online community slot game. The ability to be able to interact with other players, and build up that community feel with others that love the game has really caught on. The game was introduced to online casinos by Microgaming in 2012, and it has continued to be one of the most popular additions to date.

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Avalon multiplayer community slot

One of the most popular Microgaming slot games ever released was Avalon. Due to its popularity Microgaming decided to release a community multiplayer version of this game around the beginning of 2014, and it has been a very popular addition to a lot of the Microgaming online casinos. Build up the free spin bonus features in the middle of the community, and enjoy the payouts when they are activated.

You get to see the other players in the community and what they are doing too from their side of the game. You can see when any of them hit winning combinations, and when they activate any of the bonus features too. The Avalon multiplayer community slot is likely to be a very popular choice for online gamblers for a long time to come, as the game remains extremely popular.

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Isis multiplayer community slot

The original Isis slot from Microgaming was, and still is a popular game. When they released the multiplayer community game in 2012, it immediately caught the attention of the online slot players and has been popular ever since.

The Egytian theme of the Isis slot game has that mystic feel to it, and adds that sense of adventure. The community version of the game will enable you to watch all of the other community players while you play your game as well. It is a 5 x 3 video reel slot, and offers 25 different playlines. With a minimum bet of just 0.01, and a maximum bet of 250 coins, it is ideal for players of all levels.

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Multiplayer Roulette Diamond Edition table game

It’s not just the slot games that Microgaming targeted when they thought about their community games. Roulette is one of those games that a lot of players like to play along-side other players too, so this was a very good choice to make a community multiplayer game for.

Multiplayer Roulette Diamond Edition

The Multiplayer Roulette Diamond Edition game offers the ability to play European Roulette (single zero wheel) with other online players, and you also have the ability to chat with them too with the chat box available for all of the players at the table.

The Roulette Diamond Edition game is ideal for players of all levels. The chip denominations start at just 0.01, and go all the way up to 2000.00 (special high roller approval is required for this level of play). The minimum bet on the table is just 1.00, so you can make your money go a long way if you just want to play for a bit of fun.

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Play these Microgaming community multiplayer games now

These are the current Microgaming community multiplayer games, and can be found in the online casinos mentioned above. The will very likely be more multiplayer games produced by Microgaming soon, as they have been a very popular addition to their game portfolio. Once you are a member at any of the above mentioned online casinos you will be the first to play any new games as they are made available, as they add them to their virtual casino floors the moment they are released.



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