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Microgaming Mobile Slot Games

microgaming mobile slots

Now that mobile gaming is progressing so quickly, and more players around the world are gambling from their mobile devices, Microgaming has been working hard to stay ahead of the curve. There are now many Microgaming mobile slots that can be found in a lot of the mobile casinos available online. A lot of the best slot games that Microgaming have produced are being made on the HTML5 platform that allows them to be used on mobile devices.

The quality of the latest Microgaming mobile slots is incredibly high. There are a number of video slot games that have done very well on the regular online casinos and moved over to the mobile casinos. There are also some games that are released immediately onto the HTML5 platform so you can play them on your mobile devices as soon as the games come out.

Some of the latest Microgaming mobile slot games

Here are some of the latest Microgaming mobile slots that you can play now in mobile casinos such as Luxury Casino mobile and mobile Casino Action.

Silver Fang mobile slot

Set in the winter wilderness, the Silver Fang mobile slot game is based around a wolf and its survival. It is a 5 x 3 video reel game, and has 50 different paylines that you can play. It offers amazing graphics and audio, and is a very smooth game to play. The bonus features are very exciting, designed to keep the player engaged in the game. It is ideal for both new and experienced players, and is a very easy game to play. You can play Silver Fang mobile slothere

Mystic Dreams mobile slot

Another game with wilderness and mountain ranges included in its main theme is the Mystic Dreams mobile slot. The quality of this game is very high, and it is a very easy and enjoyable game to play. The more accomplished player will enjoy Mystic Dreams as it offers a lot of payline options and some really good bonus rounds. The beginner will also love this game too, as it takes little to know time to learn how to play it. You can play the new Mystic Dreams mobile slothere

Bush Telegraph mobile slot

This excellent new mobile game is set in the African bush and incorporates some incredible graphics and audio to really bring the game to life. It is a 5 x 3 reel game, and has 15 different paylines, so it is the ideal game for those that want something simple and easy to play. That being said, it offers some really good bonus features, so it certainly has enough to keep players of all levels entertained. To play the Bush Telegraph mobile slotclick here

The Grand Journey mobile slot game

If you have a sense of adventure, and like your slot games to provide some adventure for you too, then the Grand Journey mobile slot is the ideal option for you to play. The game is a 5 x 3 video reel game and offers 30 different paylines for you to play. The Grand Journey is very easy to learn how to play, and it displays really well on any mobile device. With some really fun and engaging bonus features to enjoy as you go through the different stages of the game, you will certainly like what this game has to offer. Play the Grand Journey mobile slothere

Play these Microgaming mobile slots now

These are just a few of the many mobile slot games that Microgaming has released recently. You will find many more excellent games to play on your mobile devices in Luxury Casino mobile and mobile Casino Action. You can create your free account at one, or both of these mobile casinos and start enjoying all of the Microgaming mobile slot games they have to offer you.

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