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Best Microgaming Slots

microgaming slots

Microgaming has been at the forefront of online casino games for a while now, and they continue to produce a massive range high quality new games on a monthly basis. But with all of the games they have released, what are the best Microgaming slots available, and where can you actually play them?

There are a lot of new video slot games available from Microgaming, and the video slots are the current focus of their latest releases. There is a reason that they are making so many of them, and that is because they have become so popular due to their high quality and interactive bonus features.

There are now many more bonus features on these new video slot games than there were on older styled games, so there are more chances for a player to win. Plus a lot of these games also have very high top awards, often into the 6-figure range, so they certainly provide a lot of opportunity for the player to hit some very substantial jackpots while they are playing.

5 of the best Microgaming slots

Here are 5 of the best Microgaming slots that are available now at online casinos such as Casino Action, Luxury Casino and the UK Casino Club:

Jurassic Park online slot

One of the hottest releases of 2014, the Jurassic Park online slot game is based around the massively popular and successful movie brand. To emulate the success that the brand has seen, Microgaming needed to create a slot game that met these incredibly high standards.

The game that they produced certainly did that, and not only do you get the feel of excitement and anticipation that you got while watching the Jurassic Park movie, but you also get the added benefit of experiencing some really innovative bonus features that make the game even more fun to play. Play Jurassic Park slot game here

Terminator 2 video slot

Another of the best Microgaming slots that is based around a very successful movie brand is the Terminator 2 slot game. This 5 x 3 reel game offers all of the excitement that the blockbuster movie had, plus a lot more on top of that. The bonus features will really get the adrenaline flowing, as you build up your winnings while taking on the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101.

The game offers 243 different ways of winning, and several exciting and innovative bonus features. It is ideal for players of all levels, as you can easily set how many paylines you want to play, and how much you want to bet on each payline. Another huge game from the Microgaming slot inventory. Play the Terminator 2 slot here

Avalon II online slot game

The original Avalon slot game from Microgaming was one of their most successful releases, so there was a lot of pressure on them to produce something that not only equaled the original, but exceeded it. In Avalon II, they produced a slot game that did just that, and ever since it was released at the beginning of 2014 it quickly became one of the most popular games from the Microgaming locker.

Part of the reason for the immediate success of Avalon II was the incredible quality of the graphics and audio. Technology has advanced rapidly and it now allows for these video slot games to be that much more detailed and extreme. This coupled with the innovative and exciting bonus features that they can now add to a game provides a winning formula. Play Avalon II slot here

Girls with Guns – Frozen Dawn

Another game sequel, the Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn video slot game followed the very successful Girls with Guns Jungle Heat game. The characters are the same in Frozen Dawn, with the six girls – Zoe, Katherine, Jess, Kira, Alex and Maria, but this time the location is different, being held in the icy mountains instead of the hot jungle.

Again the level of graphics in this game is extremely high, with attention to detail clearly evident. The bonus features for this game are very interactive, so you really get involved with the game as you play. It also offers a lot of different opportunities for you to win. Certainly one of the best Microgaming slots that was released during 2014. Play Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn here

Thunderstruck II video slot game

The original version of Thunderstruck was another really popular game from the Microgaming slots range, and the highly anticipated Thunderstruck II was another excellent sequel. The detailed graphics combined with the exciting theme and bonus features really brought Thunderstruck II up to the same legendary status as the original game.

Thunderstruck II is also one of the games that Microgaming decided to bring out on their HTML5 platform for mobile gaming too. It can now be found in some of the Microgaming mobile casinos and played on mobile devices. As mobile gaming is rapidly becoming more and more popular, Microgaming will certainly be releasing more of their best slot games on HTML5. Play Thunderstruck II here

More top-quality Microgaming slots to comebest-microgaming-slots-2a

As the demand grows rapidly, Microgaming are producing games at a much faster rate, while improving quality at the same time. Their games just keep getting better, and you will find new Microgaming slots coming out each month now. When you are a member of any of the better online casinos that use Microgaming slot games, such as Casino Action and Luxury Casino, you will find any new games added to the casinos as soon as they are released.



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